London heatwave

Research calls for urgent focus to reduce the impact of extreme heat on chronic diseases linked to urban environments

Advanced tools and more experimental studies are needed to urgently understand the impact of extreme heat events on urban health and wellbeing in the UK. A new study, led by the University of the West of England, looked at gaps in our knowledge between the urban environment and heatwaves, indoor heat, and non-communicable diseases such Read more

Low Emission Zones improve air quality, health, and people’s well-being

The introduction of London’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in 2008 and subsequent Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from 2019 has significantly improved air quality, benefiting Londoners’ physical and mental health, according to new analysis from the Department of Economics at the University of Bath. A new Institute for Policy Research (IPR) policy brief, presenting research from health economists at the University, indicates Read more