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TRUUD reports


Phase I Report: How can we prevent non-communicable disease and health inequalities resulting from UK city property development and transport planning systems?

This report is a summary of methods, data and findings for the first phase of the TRUUD research programme.

Government submissions


Jack Newman, Sarah Ayres, Geoff Bates and Rachael McClatchey. Submission to the Public Accounts Inquiry on Delivering value from government investment in major projects (May 2024). Read the written evidence.


Sarah Ayres, Geoff Bates and Alex Wallace. Submission to the Public Accounts Committee Inquiry on Cross Government Working (November 2023) Evidence to public accounts committee on cross government working Nov 23

TRUUD support for the Town and Country Planning Association campaign for Healthy Homes provisions in the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, briefing for MPs: Supporting Heathy Homes for better lives

Geoff Bates, Andrew Barnfield, Sarah Ayres. Submission to the Department of Health and Social Care for evidence to support a Major Conditions Strategy (June 2023): Major conditions strategy response_submitted

Daniel Black and Ed Kirton-Darling. Submission to the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities on proposals for Environmental Outcome Reports (June 2023): EOR Consultation Response

Joint response to the Health and Social Care Committee Inquiry on Prevention in Health and Social Care (February 2023): AYRES Submission HSC Committee Prevention Inquiry

Articles (non-academic)


Jack Newman (May 2024), Follow the money: Funding outcomes-based policy making is a critical tool for devolution, CIPFA (no link)

Sarah Ayres and Jack Newman (May 2024, Healthy urban development: a public policy gamechanger for challenging times, Academy of Social Sciences Election 24 series.

Contribution from the national government intervention, led by Professor Sarah Ayres with Jack Newman and Geoff Bates (May 2024), Prevention, population health and prosperity: a new era in devolution, NHS Confederation.

Professor Sarah Ayres, University of Bristol contributed with Professor Catherine Durose, University of Liverpool; Professor John Boswell FAcSS, University of Southampton; Professor Paul Cairney FAcSS, University of Stirling; Dr Ian C Elliott, University of Glasgow; Professor Matthew Flinders, University of Sheffield; Professor Steve Martin, Cardiff University; and Professor Liz Richardson, University of Manchester (May 2024), Positive Public Policy – A New Vision for UK Government, Academy of Social Sciences Election 24 series.

Jack Newman, Rachael McClatchey, Geoff Bates and Sarah Ayres (April 2024), Tackling health inequalities: The missing delivery mechanisms in national health missions, IPPR Progressive Review


Daniel Black and Edward Kirton-Darling (November 2023), Environmental outcomes reporting – clearly inadequate, but does opportunity knock? Town and Country Planning Association

External reports

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