Systems Approach

We are using a critical systems approach to build conceptual models to help us to understand the problem that TRUUD is tackling. The conceptual models will represent views held by different stakeholders about decision-making for urban developments and how public health may be impacted.  To build these models, we will use group workshops and qualitative data from TRUUD interviews.

Using systems methods enables us to consider the whole decision-making system for urban developments (including interconnected systems).  By doing this, we can identify the challenges we face and potential solutions to improve public health, linked with urban design, in the future.  Systems methods and tools being applied in TRUUD include boundary critique, interdependency mapping and system dynamics modelling.

Our Systems expert, Dr Neil Carhart, led a webinar in April 2020 to introduce systems approaches. This video provides a helpful beginner’s overview of systems methods and ways that we might use systems approaches in TRUUD.  Look out for the cuddly cobra in his slides!

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