Real Estate Investment


  • To promote the incorporation of health considerations in property investment and land development processes.
  • To build a mutual interest stakeholder group to explore how health and wellbeing indicators can be incorporated, alongside ESG data, in property financial investment risk appraisal.
  • To further the inclusion of health elements in local planning design code guidance for land development, and potential extension to LEP economic strategy and public sector services commissioning social valuation.


  • The intervention team will identify key stakeholders within the property financial investment industries through a snowballing process. This will be followed by a scoping exercise to identify what process change is required and where. Communications with key partners will consider the development of resources designed to support health outcomes in the sector.
  • Following consultations as a participant in the OHID ‘Companion Guide to the National Model Design Code – health and wellbeing’, the intervention team will develop advice notes on place-based health considerations to inform key decision-making stakeholders identified and policy vehicles, including the NPPF.


Professor Kathy Pain at the University of Reading

Dr Nalumino Akakandelwa at the University of the West of England

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