Research on Research

This will improve the way in which our large and complex research team works. We will use interviews and workshops to identify things that are working well and to discuss / resolve highlighted issues.


To maximise the efficacy of inter- and trans-disciplinary working and impact planning.


We are involving meta-study of multi-disciplinary, impact-oriented research with multiple stakeholders, led by Ges Rosenberg. This uses systems-based thinking to develop a framework and toolset to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the TRUUD research. We will interview TRUUD researchers, conduct internal workshops and observe TRUUD research processes. We will also conduct a literature review of meta-research processes. Together, these will enable us to develop a framework for coproduced reflective practice to support TRUUD participants to learn and improve research practice and deliver impact more effectively.


The outputs from the meta study will be:

-findings from applying systems approaches to complex transdisciplinary research

-a framework for evaluating impact-oriented research and an associated toolset

-case studies in the field of ‘Team Science’

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