Management structure

TRUUD is a collaboration between six universities

  • University of Bristol (Bristol Medical School (lead), Urban Governance, Law and Systems Engineering)
  • University of Bath (Management, Economics and Policy)
  • UWE (Public Health and Public Engagement)
  • University of Manchester (Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care and Spatial Policy)
  • University of Reading (Real Estate Investment and Planning)
  • University of Stirling (Management)

We are supported by our partners at Bristol City Council and Greater Manchester Combined Authority.  We have TRUUD researchers working within the Bristol City Council’s City Office (supported by Bristol Health Partners) and Greater Manchester Combined Authority, working with Transport for Greater Manchester.

The research consortium is made up of:

The Programme Steering Group which is made up of the two Research Directors (academic oversight – Hickman; impact – Scally), the Programme Director (Black), the Programme Manager and Work Package Leads. The PSG are the principal decision-making body for TRUUD, meeting monthly to set the programme agenda to achieve aims and resolve emerging issues. All Co-I’s are also invited to join the PSG every other month to contribute. The overarching aims of the group are to facilitate intellectual discussion, deal with emergent issues and discuss maximising impact of TRUUD.

The Full Consortium meets quarterly to discuss progress and focus on key areas.  In addition, workshops and webinars are held regularly (at least monthly) via video conferencing to facilitate transdisciplinary research.

WP teams meet every 4-6 weeks to discuss progress and develop the research within their specific WP.  Co-investigators, who are responsible for developing the detail of the research approach and delivery, attend the relevant WP meeting.  The WP leads develop measurable milestones in discussion with the co-investigators and WP team.  The WP leads are responsible for reporting progress at the monthly WP lead meeting.  Members of other WP teams are invited to attend WP team meetings as appropriate. These cross-WP interactions are facilitated by the WP leads.