Guidance from organisations on integrating health


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This page contains links that illustrate how developers are beginning to incorporate health into their work, and guidance from organisations who focus on healthy urban development.

Guidance from developers on how they have integrated health into projects

Guidance on creating healthy urban environments

  • ‘Active Design sets out how the design of our environments can help people to lead more physically active and healthy lives’ Active Design. Sport England, 2015. Active Design | Sport England
  • ‘…a practical resource for practitioners to use when working together to enable the creation of healthy-weight environments through the English planning system. This resource draws on current evidence and practical experience, and will help practitioners to identify common ground for ongoing collaboration on this agenda.’ Planning Healthy Weight Environments. Town and Country Planning Association, 2014Planning Healthy-weight environments – Town and Country Planning Association (
  • Learning from the ‘Healthy New Towns programme’ which used 10 demonstrator sites across England to explore how the development of new places could create healthier and connected communities with integrated and high-quality services. Healthy New Towns.
  • ‘Healthy Streets offers clients around the world an evidence-based approach to creating fairer, sustainable and attractive urban spaces.’ ‘Healthy Streets is a human-centred framework for embedding public health in transport, public realm and planning. The 10 Healthy Streets Indicators focus on the human experience needed on all streets, everywhere, for everyone.’ Healthy Streets | Making streets healthy places for everyone

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