Bristol City Council Case Studies

Bristol is a growing city of over 467,000 people. The population has grown over 10% since 2005 and is expected to grow to over 500,000 by 2027.

Like many urban areas in the UK, Bristol is facing increased demand for new housing. Many of the new homes will be built in strategic, mixed-use development areas. This requires coordinated delivery strategies to enable coherent, sustainable, and healthy communities to be created in locations with multiple landowners and developers.

TRUUD is focusing on major mixed-use commercial/residential developments in and around Bristol. These are strategic areas where Bristol City Council aims for mixed and inclusive communities with a diversity of land uses, providing opportunities to live and work in Bristol. These areas aspire to not only provide much needed housing and employment, they also seek to be sustainable, with opportunities for access to nature and recreation such as through connected, multifunctional green infrastructure. However, there are numerous challenges in realising aspirations for healthy, sustainable urban development that meets the needs of local communities. These include coordination of multiple land owners and viability issues.

One of TRUUD’s researchers, Anna Le Gouais, is embedded within Bristol City Council. Anna is working with the Bristol City Council Regeneration team, and other teams across the council, such as planning policy. These connections will enable us to understand the upstream factors influencing decision-making in the case study development areas, such as issues affected by finance, land ownership and development control.

Bristol Researcher in Residence Dr Anna Le Gouais, explains more about her role.